Games & Sports


Sports & Games are a great source of information, education & discipline. They make the student physically & mentally strong. After all, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. The KVS has structured the school activities in such a manner as to ensure an all-round development of the students instead of confining to mental development through lessons in the classrooms. Adequate opportunities are provided to the students to take part in games & sports. This helps the students develop a healthy spirit of a sportsmanship & companionship, which will enable them face life with ease & composure.

Physical & Health education are an integral part of academics. The students are encouraged to participate in sports activities at different levels, namely

  1.      Within the vidyalaya between different “Houses” into which the students are divided.
  2.       Between two or more vidyalayas at cluster level.
  3.       Between regions at national level.
  4.       Inter-state sports meet at SGFI Level.