Scouts & Guides



“Scouting & Guiding is a fine game, if we put our back into it and tackle it well, but remember it is a game of open air” said Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting & Guiding movement.

The objectives of introducing the movement in KVS are:-

1. Development of spirit of adventure.

2. Imbibing problem solving attitude.

3. Nurturing the values of compassion.

4. Acquiring of an awareness of environment.

5. Development of values like secularism, honesty, truthfulness, self-reliance etc.

     It provides opportunities for inculcating in moral, social & democratic values & developing the spirit of co-operation by encouraging participants in various Scouts & Guides activities.

The basic organization in the Scout & Guide movement is Scout troop for boys & Guide company for girls. Boys & Girls who have completed the age of 6 but have not completed the age of 10 are given training as cubs & Bulbuls. Boys & Girls who have not completed the age of 10 but have not completed the age of 18 are enrolled as Scouts & Guides. Young men & women of 18 yrs & above are enrolled as Rover scouts & Ranger guides. Separate group leaders are appointed for scout wing & guide wing.